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Professional Services

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Expert Witness Consulting

With over 60 years in the emergency services, our team has experience operating as an expert witness in several cases. Educational specialists with clinical field experience have a unique skill set to investigate any case involving the Emergency Medical Services (EMS). We have submitted testimony in numerous depositions, and have prepared expert witness reports at both the State and Federal level. We can provide documentation to assist you in making the decision to let MSTS Inc. be your expert witness.

Simulation Consulting

The team at MSTS Inc. has helped design numerous simulation centers. Our faculty can assist your staff in simulation center design, program integration, data collection, and technological implementation. Our team has designed not only simulation programs, but AV systems with built-in data collection. Our expertise is second to none, and we can provide any service that you require. Please contact us to discuss how adding MSTS Inc. to your team can make your simulation program excel.

Emergency Medical Services CME Tracking and Coordination

MSTS Inc. can track, maintain and provide continuing medical education credit for your entire agency. Our faculty are New York State Certified Instructor Coordinators and Certified Lab Instructors. Our services include tracking of all your personnel's certifications and requirements to maintain and recertify when necessary. In addition, we can provide interactive and innovative "core" and non-core CME for your agency. MSTS Inc. can take the headache out of maintaining these records, and ensure that all of your providers stay up-to-date with their certifications on both the State and National Level. Contact us for a free consultation and proposal.

Simulation Education

MSTS Inc. has been using simulation as an educational methodology for over 10 years. Considered experts in the field, faculty have led graduate courses in simulation education, adult learning theory, and Crew Resource Management (CRM). Our team has spoken at both national and international conferences on the design, utilization, and implementation of simulation programs. Special considerations on program and simulation design, as well as the technological use of high-fidelity manikins. Our faculty have achieved certifications from all of the large manikin manufacturers, as well as Certified Healthcare Simulation Educators (CHSE) from the Society of Simulation in Healthcare (SSH). We can provide webinars, full-day educational symposia, and full onsite hands-on experience to bring your program to the next level. We can also provide your institution with data collection tools to identify the areas where your education should be focused. Please contact us for details on many of our different simulation education options.

Rapid Response Team (RRT) Training

Let our expert faculty teach your facility the basics of teamwork in this interactive hands-on course designed to assist the RRT in its responses to emergencies in all areas. If you have a team that responds to medical or environmental emergencies, our faculty, including Master Trainers in TEAM STEPPS, improve patient safety and teamwork-based communication.

Mask Fit Testing

MSTS Inc. provides mask fit testing for the N95 respirator. We utilize qualitative fit testing in accordance with the guidelines set forth by both the CDC and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) standard 1910.134. Certificates of completion are given to the agency requesting or the individual at the time of the test.

Expert Witness Consulting
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